• plan your meals ahead
  • keep well hydrated with non-sugary drinks
    (leave at least ½ hour before and after meals)
  • have regular meals
  • use small plates/bowls
  • start your meals with protein sources
  • eat in a relaxed atmosphere
  • eat slowly, chew well, enjoy your food
  • take a multivitamin/mineral
  • stay active, exercise
  • keep a food diary


  • drink with meals
  • pick and graze between meals
  • drink high calorie beverages (juices, sodas etc….)
  • eat very hot or very cold foods
  • eat in a hurry, or when upset
  • eat high sugar, high fat, or very spicy foods
  • use a straw to consume beverages
  • suck on hard candy
  • worry about your food intake