Once you have decided on the procedure you will have, a pre-operation liver shrinking diet plan will be given to you, which you should follow for 2 weeks prior to your key hole weight loss surgery.

This rather strict 800-1000 calories diet will help reduce the size of your liver, enabling the surgeon to reach the area where the surgery is to be performed. If you do not follow the advice, then your surgeon may not be able to carry out the key hole operation, and the procedure may have to be delayed. The main principles to follow are a protein-rich, low fat and reduced carbohydrate diet.

During this time, you are also advised to keep mobile, busy and active, start taking a multivitamin/mineral tablet, and keep well hydrated throughout the day, with sugar-free beverages.

There are many different variations of a liver “shrinking” diet which are all acceptable as long as they achieve the desired effect. With the help of your dietician/nutritionist, you will be able to decide on the specific diet that will be best suited to you.