After surgery your diet will need to be very sloppy and taken in small quantities, to enable the swelling in the tissues to settle and heal. Eating solid foods and any food in large quantities can put a strain on the site of surgery and may cause problems. Therefore it is important to follow the advice on diet immediately post-operatively, to minimize the risk of these problems. You will be given an eating plan, with clear instructions, and also plenty of meal ideas.

First few days after surgery you will have clear liquids only, progressing to soups and sloppy foods, and gradually building up to a solid diet, over a period of 4-6 weeks. Special attention will be given to your protein intake. You will also be advised to have a good multivitamin/mineral, either chewable, or in liquid form.

If you have been banded, following each band adjustment, you will have to go back to the liquid/soft food diet for a few days up to one week, before returning to the normal/solid diet (Stage 2).


Approximately 6 weeks after your surgery, you will be back on a solid diet, but you may still find certain (drier) foods more difficult to digest. In this case, you are advised to avoid those foods, until your body feels ready.

You will still be asked to keep to a strict, calorie reduced, and small portions diet (typically between 1000-1500 calories/day), and will be given plenty of ideas, tips and recipes, in order to be able to keep to it. Continuing to take a multivitamin/mineral is also recommended and absolutely essential if you have had a bypass.