Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG)

An endoscopic sleeve is a procedure performed with a camera through the mouth using advanced equipment to stitch the inside of the stomach into a narrow tube (similar to a sleeve)

This procedure is considered to be much less invasive than a surgical sleeve gastrectomy as no incisions are performed on the abdomen and all the suturing is internal.  

Because of this, patients can benefit from a faster recovery and weight loss outcomes similar to surgical procedures.

It is performed under a general anaesthetic.

The first step is to have an initial consultation with your consultant to review your eligibility and go through the details of the procedure. 

Endoscopic Gastric Sleeve Package

All of our weight loss surgery packages include everything you need for your surgery, hospital care and 12-month aftercare plan. You can rest assured that everything you need is covered in one package price, and you won’t have to pay more, no matter what.

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Endoscopic gastric sleeve package

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Complete hospital stay and surgery


12-month aftercare plan


12-month consultant follow-ups


Meal plan & 12-month dietician follow-ups


Unexpected events covered

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Endoscopic Gastric Sleeve FAQs

How soon can I return to work?

Generally, if you feel well 5-7 days following the procedure, you may be able to return to work if your job doesn’t involve extensive manual handling.

Is the ESG a permanent procedure?

The internal stitches that are used are non-dissolvable (non-absorbable), however in the early few days following the procedure they can be cut away using an endoscope. Over a period of time scar tissue develops, regardless of the stitches, which holds the tissue together.

Is weight regain a possibility after ESG?

Weight loss procedures are tools to assist a reduction in weight. They must be coupled with lifestyle, dietary modification and sustainable good activity levels. Without this change, weight loss outcomes are not guaranteed and weight regain is a possibility.

With ESG specifically, some of the stitches may become looser or stretch over a period of time, prior to scar tissue developing which may lead to an ability to consume larger portions.

Is the endoscopic gastric sleeve suitable for me?

If you’ve struggled with weight gain for a long period of time, having tried multiple diets and other therapies to lose weight without success and have a BMI of 30 or over, then you may be a candidate for an ESG.
It is best to book a consultation to undergo a full assessment and discuss your preferences with a bariatric surgeon.

Your patient journey

We aim to provide you with the very best clinical care and outcomes possible, as well as ensure you have a hospital experience that’s relaxing, reassuring and comfortable.

To help illustrate what you might expect as a weight-loss surgery patient, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide

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Endoscopic gastric sleeve

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