Gastric Band

From £4999

Gastric bands work by creating an hour-glass effect in the top of the stomach, slowing food passing through to a trickle. This causes the patient to feel full after only having a mouthful or two of their meal.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

From £7999

A portion of the stomach is removed using keyhole surgery leaving behind a sleeve of stomach which restricts the amount of food that can be eaten before you feel full. It doesn’t require adjustment and weight loss starts soon after the procedure.

Gastric Balloon

From £3950

Similar to a band it restricts the amount of food eaten by occupying the space inside the stomach. The balloon is inserted by endoscopy into the stomach and filled with fluid. It can be left for approximately 6 months and then removed.

Gastric Bypass

From £9450

A gastric bypass operation means that a small pouch of stomach is created and a portion of diverted bowel is attached to it, achieving a combination of restriction and decreased absorption, so that less richness is obtained from a decreased amount of food intake.

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