In Weight Loss

Who would be better to review weight loss surgery than someone who deals with the dietary aspects of weight loss? This is the story of a registered dietician who had the knowledge and know-how to reduce her weight through dieting. However as is very common with successful dieting and exercise regimens, the tendency to put the weight back on and then some more is ever present. She then made up her mind that enough was enough and opted for a sustained weight loss with all the benefits that come from pursuing surgery. Weight loss surgery has come a long way in the preceding years. What used to routinely be an operation performed through open surgery has become an operation that is routinely performed with keyhole surgery. This coupled with a plateauing of the learning curve means that “laparoscopic bariatric surgery is now as safe as or safer than gallbladder removal”

Within a week after surgery, Cox no longer had to take insulin for her type 2 diabetes. In a month, she was off her blood pressure medication. Over the next several years Cox lost half her body weight, eventually settling at a comfortable 160 pounds.

By Ahmed Hamouda, Bariatric Surgeon