Gastric Band Adjustment Service

You may be out of contract with your band, had your band inserted overseas or want an adjustment service that is closer to home than your normal provider. If this is the case we can help.

Laparoscopic gastric bands have been and remain a popular procedure for weight loss due to their minimally invasive nature, short procedure times and quick recovery. Most bands are inserted as a day-case procedure, are flexible, reversible and affordable.

For those reasons, a lot of people opt to have this procedure either locally or overseas.

Successful outcomes with a gastric band rely entirely on the quality and length of the follow-up period with a team that understands how your band works and what changes you need to make to your diet and eating behaviours to get the best out of your gastric band.

If you need a band care and adjustment service closer to home, look no further. With our expertise, we will either inflate or deflate the band in clinic after consultation or recommend options such as dye swallow tests or endoscopy to check the position and function of the band.

Gastric band adjustment package

We can offer support to our own gastric band patients as well as patients who have had a gastric band elsewhere. Sometimes, you might need an additional test, so giving a definitive price is not possible. However, here is our guide to pricing.

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Gastric band adjustment pricing


Band fill or defill – £120 per procedure


Band care package 12-months unlimited adjustments – £600


Additional X-Rays or Endoscopy – Priced separately


Dietician support – £200 per session

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Gastric Band Adjustment FAQs

I’ve suffered with bad reflux for years and would like to remove my band?

Reflux and regurgitation are common side effects of a gastric band due to its restrictive effect. If this is excessive or progressively worst it can indicate a band complication. In some instances reflux over a period of years can wear you down and if you request a band removal then this can be arranged.

I’ve had my band for several years and struggled to lose weight. Can you help?

Yes we can. Failure to lose weight can be due to un-diagnosed band complications such as erosion or slippage. However, it can also be due to maladaptive eating with a band that is too tight. Last but not least, it can be due to poor eating behaviours and slider foods which defeats the purpose of having a band. We will work with you to identify and rectify those issues.

If my band is removed, can I have another weight loss procedure?

Yes, a conversion to a sleeve or bypass is possible. It’s best to talk to us and go through a full consultation, so we can understand the causes of band failure and recommend the best option going forward. Sometimes it is best to work with the band by resetting it and this will only be apparent after consultation.

How do I know if my band has slipped or eroded?

It can sometimes be difficult to tell, however, if you have left-sided abdominal pain, lost too much weight or have developed fevers, it may be a sign that there is a band complication. In some instances, the symptoms can be vague and the diagnosis only reached with certain tests or investigations.

In the case of a band complication, can the band be salvaged?

Bands that have slipped, can be re-positioned. There is a higher risk that further complications may occur such as infection, leakage or erosion in the future. Therefore it is best to make a decision once you’ve had a consultation about all the options available.

Your patient journey

We aim to provide you with the very best clinical care and outcomes possible, as well as ensure you have a hospital experience that’s relaxing, reassuring and comfortable.

To help illustrate what you might expect as a weight-loss surgery patient, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide

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