In Weight Loss

It has been known that obesity and obesity-related health conditions have a negative impact on life expectancy, more profound on males than females, however affecting both genders generally. This study confirms these findings and estimates the average life expectancy to be diminished by 11 years. What we need to know through further studies, is the effect on life expectancy of developing obesity at different stages in life. Theoretically being obese earlier in life will have a greater negative impact on expectancy.

Our results confirm that being obese or underweight increased risk of mortality…This conclusion not only conveys a message that these populations are more vulnerable to obesity-related diseases, but it also informs policy makers that public health initiatives should put more emphasis on the prevention of obesity and obesity-related comorbidities for these populations,” the authors concluded. “More importantly, future studies should investigate how different obesity-related diseases separately observed at different life stages impact life years lost.