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Gastric Bypass
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I was approaching my 50th birthday and just felt enough was enough, after 20 years of trying every diet out there l decided to deal with the problem once and for all. I made an appointment for a consultation, went along and was given all the information that I needed. I was advised to take my time to think it all through and not rush into anything. I already knew this was the only option for me. I had been feeling very low and very unhealthy for a long time, everything was an effort, my knees ached all the time and I was breathless just going upstairs.

After a second consultation with Mr Hamouda, I was confident and happy to proceed with the operation. My operation went ahead in Nov 2012, everything went well and I spent two nights in hospital being looked after by a great team of people.
It’s 5 months now since the procedure and so far I have lost 6 stone but more importantly to me is my BMI has reduced from 44 to 29.2, which I am thrilled about. It’s still early days and some days I can eat more than others and I still have to remember to eat slowly and chew well.

My family and friends can not believe the speed of the weight loss, I just wish I had decided to do it years ago, I am so much happier and feel amazing. I am enjoying my life again.

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