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Hi my name is Kim, I’m 52 years old and am very happily married with a grown up daughter. I have struggled most of my adult life with my weight. Before I left school and got married I was far more active and food did not play any factor other than for fuel.

When did it all change?

I began work at sixteen in my first job as a Statistical Clerk and have throughout my career always worked in an office environment- Sitting at a computer all day doing very little if any exercise!! I married at eighteen and when I embarked on running my own home and cooking for my husband and myself the problems with weight gain surfaced. Along with lack of exercise food began to be a social and pleasurable activity rather than for fuel. I gained a great deal of weight in my first year of marriage and with a large important family wedding looming embarked on my first diet! I ate very little and lost the weight quickly but was very irritable and tired and once the event had taken place I slipped back into eating for pleasure and reward and the lifelong yo-yo dieting began.

I tried slimming tablets, liquid diets none brought sustained weight loss. At the beginning of this year my husband began a new business and we took this opportunity to move nearer to our daughter. As anyone who has lived all their life in one place this presented an exciting but incredibly emotional and stressful time. At this point food was not the only factor playing a major role in my life- I discovered red wine!!! At my lowest point I was drinking two bottles a day added to very large doses of ibuprofen for headaches/hangovers. At this point my lovely daughter and husband were expressing deep concerns about my health and well being.

It was at this point that we approached Mr. Hamouda at Weight Loss Surgery Kent after reading their extensive and informative weight loss options. I made an appointment to discuss the way forward. My husband and myself attended the consultation at the Nuffield Hospital based in Tunbridge Wells at the beginning of June, 2013. Now where do I begin, this consultation has saved and changed my life. After a full and frank discussion, Mr. Hamouda advised that I have a sleeve gastrectomy. Mr. Hamouda performed my sleeve gastrectomy on the 26th June, 2013 with an amazing nursing team at the Nuffield Hospital, Tunbridge Wells. This hospital is more like a hotel, beautifully decorated, lovely furniture creating a lovely calm environment. The reception and administration team are friendly and supportive. I have felt from the consultation, pre-op assessment, operation and hospital stay incredibly comfortable and supported. This is a major operation and after a two day stay was discharged with clear and precise diet guideline and contact details for advice and support. I have gone from strength to strength and have suffered no side effects or problems. I know this is completely all thanks to Mr. Hamouda and his amazing team.

I would like to add that Jen Lowe, Dietician and part of Mr. Hamouda’s team has been an immense support to diet and food options with my gastric sleeve.

I believe that this operation is an amazing tool but eating the right foods are key to continued and sustained weight loss.

On date of surgery 26th June, 2013 I weighed 15 st 7 lb = 217 lb
12 weeks later 18th September, 2013 weight 12 st = 168 lb

LOSS 49 lb !!!!! My goal is 147 lb, will be there by Christmas!!!

I cannot put into words easily how amazing I feel and look (according to my loved ones!) its taking a little bit of time for my head to catch up with my body’s weight loss! My life no longer revolves around food or alcohol. I do not take any pain medication and my energy levels are soaring. I even attend the gym!!! Miracles do happen, it has to me!!

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