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Laurie's procedure:
Gastric Sleeve
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The best thing I ever did!! It has made me a lot happier in every way , it’s nice to go into a clothes shop and buy what you like rather than what fits! Also I am able to do more things with my children because as you know children’s play areas and activities tend to be very small! This was my main reason to choosing weight loss surgery to be fitter and healthier for my children.

I’ve never been operated and or even broken a bone for that matter prior to this surgery but had no problems and felt my normal self 3-4 weeks after. Also I have found a lot of people have commented “how well I look”, I didn’t realise I felt so unfit until I started to lose weight and felt better with each stone that just dropped off. I also feel that when people consider this surgery they need to know it isn’t just a quick fix miracle but a very useful tool for life.

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Gastric band

Endoscopic gastric sleeve

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Gastric sleeve

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Gastric bypass

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