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P.B (Anonymous patient)
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Gastric Sleeve
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It has been 7 months since my surgery. I had an initial consult with the WLSKent Team which was open, informative and thought provoking. Following the consult I was able to make an informed decision to progress with a Sleeve Gastrectomy.

I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. I have not suffered any complications and my hospital stay was brief and without incident – I have never had surgery before and was well looked after during my stay in the Somerfield.

Since then I have lost 85 pounds, 8 inches off my waist, more than 2 inches off of my collar and almost all of my wardrobe!

From a medication perspective I no longer take daily pills for Blood Pressure, Sertraline or Omeprazole for other conditions. There is no particular aftercare associated with the sleeve, other than a periodic ‘how are you doing’ meeting and weigh-in with the Surgeon. My BP is normally around the 120/78 mark.

Food wise I can now eat pretty much whatever I want – in the appropriate portions. I don’t generally feel hunger, although the smell of some foods (bacon & chinese food in particular) can cause what I consider to be a nostalgic pavlovian response! I tend to eat by the clock & if I eat out with the family they are now used to me having a starter whilst they eat their main – this works for me and restaurants don’t seem phased by this. Takeaways however have become a thing of the past.

Exercise is much easier now – and whilst I still find the gym very,very boring I have revisited sports from years ago and have found enjoyment in them, not to mention better performance!
There are a few drawbacks/things I miss – these include eating and drinking at the same time, sandwiches/baguettes – as bread is a no-go, some social awkwardness from friends as I have given up alcohol and I have perhaps developed an over-interest in frequently weighing myself – I am confident that time will address all of these issues.

In summation, I would make the same choice again tomorrow. Weight loss surgery isn’t a short cut as you have to live with it every day, neither is it just for the ladies. I acknowledge that I have had a very good experience and I am very grateful to the Weight Loss Surgery Kent Team for that – I should have done it years earlier.

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