In Weight Loss

Autumn is a time when, having come back from holiday, we start to think about our fitness. Getting back into an exercise routine, healthy eating habit and losing those extra “I’m on holiday” pounds can  prove to be difficult. I have no secrets to motivating you and find it difficult myself. The only answer is to just push yourself back to the gym, onto the exercise bike or into your trainers for a jog.

Meanwhile, the world of weight loss surgery continues to bring forward innovations to improve patient outcomes and safety. Recently BOMSS have published a traffic light at-a-glance poster to help GPs look after patients who have recently had this surgery. This remarkable piece of work highlights some of the common symptoms and signs related to post-surgery complications and essentially is designed to raise awareness amongst doctors who are frequently mystified by this type of surgery. Very frequently I get asked to see patients who have had weight loss surgery whose symptoms can be very easily explained by common conditions such as reflux or gallstones, however due to the history of weight loss surgery most clinicians associate it to that, more information can be found on the BOMSS website.