In Weight Loss

I was recently approached by someone who had a “tummy tuck” operation and had started regaining weight 6 months later. They asked if they could have weight loss surgery. Whilst the answer is probably yes, I would have to say to anyone considering surgery for weight loss, is to always have weight loss surgery first before any cosmetic procedures.

This should always be the sequence, for the simple reason that cosmetic surgery should be considered when body weight has stabilised, otherwise an individual runs the risk of having repetitive cosmetic procedures following bouts of weight loss. If eligible, individuals should consider weight loss procedures and allow weight to remain stable for a period of 6 months to one year following this before considering plastic surgery.

In the example above, the individual in question may need to have a further “tummy tuck” following a successful bariatric procedure. Always talk to the a suitably qualified professional before considering surgery (cosmetic or bariatric) and they will help clarify your options.