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Revision Weight Loss Surgery on the Rise
23 Aug, 2016

“Revisional bariatric surgery through laparoscopic approach in patients with inadequate weight loss following gastric banding is safe and effective”

There is no doubt that redo or revision weight loss surgery is increasing. This could be as a result of failure to lose weight or a complication occurring (such as band slippage or erosion). The range of revision surgery is quite extensive, a band can be converted to sleeve or bypass, a bypass can be banded and a sleeve can be modified into bypass or duodenal switch. This versatility is one of the advantages of weight loss surgery. It is essential however for revision surgery to be performed by experienced surgeons who have had a track record of performing these operations. That is because the complexity and risk profile of a redo procedure is greater than a primary procedure and therefore the experience of the surgeon can ensure a safe outcome. As we see more weight loss operations being performed, there will undoubtedly be more revision operations being done. Despite the great weight loss results that bands can achieve, there is always a percentage chance that the band will slip, erode or one of the components fail over a period of time. With a large number of bands being inserted over the past 2 decades, the likelihood of band revision being required is higher.

More on revision weight loss surgery in the future, as we examine each conversion procedure with its merits and demerits….watch this space.

Written by Mr Ahmed Hamouda

Mr Ahmed Hamouda is The Director of Weight Loss Surgery Kent. He is a highly trained and experienced Consultant Bariatric and General Surgeon.
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