Gastric sleeve

Sleeve Gastrectomy


This keyhole operation is done to surgically remove a large portion of the stomach using a stapler gun, leaving behind a sleeve of stomach which restricts the amount of food that can be eaten before you feel full.The stomach sleeve is accurately sized by a tube which is passed down through the mouth. It is a restrictive procedure which does not require long term follow up or adjustment and weight loss starts soon after the procedure.


Due to loss of the large stomach capacity and the formation of a long “sleeve” of stomach, an individual is restricted in the amount of food intake. This mechanism is similar to the band, however there is no band to adjust and it is a permanent operation. Weight loss is triggered by the surgery, slows down after several months and stabilizes at 18-24 months. As there is no reduction in absorption, multi-vitamins are advisable however not entirely essential.


Its role is considered to be half-way between a band and a bypass. Whilst the weight loss effect is considerable and sustained, it is also a permanent operation with limited risks and almost negligible nutritional maintenance. Frequent follow up for adjustment is not required and the operation takes approximately 1 hour to perform.

Sleeve Gastrectomy Package

  • One year with follow ups from £7999
  • All inclusive package with unlimited follow ups for duration
  • Follow ups with surgeon and dietician
  • Two night hospital stay
  • Unexpected post-operative events covered


All being well, 2 nights stay in hospital is usually followed by discharge with anti-acids and blood thinners for 5 days. Most individuals return to work 2-3 weeks later. Follow up is essential, as with all these procedures, and is mainly limited to an assessment of weight loss and any possible nutritional deficiencies, although this is uncommon.


As with any surgery, risks such as bleeding, infection and clots forming in leg veins or travelling up to the lungs are possible. With this operation, the main risk, albeit small, is leakage from the staples used to create the long stomach “sleeve”. If this occurs, although uncommon, it is usually in the first 2 days following surgery and a return to surgery is essential to deal with the problem.